09/02/13 11:54 AM



 Some of you may have noticed between Aug. 7th and Aug. 16th there were no updates to the web site. The reason, Debbie and I were at our daughters graduation from Texas Tech. She received her doctorate in Sports Psychology. We then moved her to Illinois where she is now a Professor teaching in the Kinesiology department. After moving her in we then drove to Pittsboro, In. and visted our old friend Don O'Keefe. These are some pictures Debbie took while there. Note the mail box, this was in front of a really large building. For those of you who do not know Don, he and Don Martin are the two people who talked with John Soares about stating the Spec Sprint class and then spent the time promoting it. Here is a link to Don O'Keefe's site >  http://www.lokent.com/main.html this is a link to why we called them Spec Sprints > http://www.lokent.com/wss.html This is a link to Don Martin's blog > http://www.dcrrbook.blogspot.com/